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애플, 아이북스 관련 업데이트 소식
2011/01/14     [LIST]
애플에서의 연락이 왔습니다.
곧 업데이트될 아이튠즈 커넥트 소식과 업데이트 이후에는 이제 아이패드,
아이폰의 아이북스에서도 폰트 지정이나 여러 기능이 가능해진다고 하네요

메일 전문입니다. (시간 여유 되는 대로 한역해두겠습니다!)

We want to make you aware of new and upcoming releases in iTunes Connect which will improve creation and delivery of iBookstore content.

iBooks 1.2

Last month we released version 1.2 of iBooks. Included in this release are several new features:

    * Fixed-layout books. You can now create fixed-layout EPUBs, with embedded fonts, absolute positioning, and full-bleed and gutter-crossing images. This feature is especially useful for children$B!G(Bs picture books, cookbooks, art books, and other books that include design or graphical elements.
    * Embedded font support. You can now provide fonts within the EPUB package and specify them in XHTML documents.
    * CSS-based page break support. You can now specify page breaks in XHTML documents.

For more information about these features, see the iBooks Asset Guide 1.4.

iBooks Asset Guide 1.4

The iBooks Asset Guide 1.4 is now available on iTunes Connect. Completely rewritten to cover all the new functionality in iBooks 1.2, this document provides EPUB asset-related instructions and recommendations.

iTunes Producer 2.3

A new version of iTunes Producer will soon be available. The next version of iTunes Producer will require Mac OS X 10.5 or later. Older versions of iTunes Producer will continue to function with an older version of Mac OS X, but may not provide the latest iTunes Producer functionality. We highly recommend you ensure that you are running Mac OS X 10.5 or later so you can continue to deliver or update your content using the next version of iTunes Producer.


The iBookstore team
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